Architecture and design are more than just practice and function. They are two parts that make up one whole that comes together as a magnificent job of art and beauty. Certainly, buildings provide shade from the elements, but they also provide beauty. The blueprints and dimensions are tributes to the creation of society and are lasting masterpieces to the creativity of mankind.


Architecture is way higher than just the way a building seems from the outside. A huge portion of the satisfaction that people get from buildings begins from interior design. It may be the outside that gets people to enter, but it’s the interior that they will treasure for its appeal and functionality. Stone, wood, and metal buildings have been seen during history as astonishing works of art, mainly when there are unbelievable details and intricacy in the outer portion. Intricate details, however, are not limited to the exterior.


A skilled architect knows that architecture and design must go unitedly. The clean lines of a modern building, the delicate arches and stone apertures of medieval architecture, even the tall columns of Ancient buildings all have elements that transfer the beauty and form of the exterior into the designs found within the walls. Both work in harmony together to create a building that stands apart from the rest.


Function is the essential portion of a building. Builders can efficiently create the structure that has function and form that protects while producing space and shelter. But that is not always sufficient. Satisfying the need for shelter is not the only purpose of architecture; aesthetic concerns should be equally sound. Four walls and a roof is not the conclusion of what a building can be.

A building should inspire every resident and visitor with its visual beauty and stylish, rich design. In other words, there should be a significant level of architectural style. You can appreciate greatness, so you shouldn’t have to compensate for commonness in your neighboring. Pure beauty is deeper than skin or, in this case, wall.


Once more architects start to embrace architecture and design, you will begin to see a rebirth in the styles and various shapes of buildings. Homes will start to lose their “cookie cutter” shape and begin to be different. It will be a society where differences are celebrated and people can do more than solely live in a home; they can own a unique piece of history, a showcase of a living art.

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